Enjoying the Benefits of Quality Seafood Contributes to the Health of Our Planet

In order to continue enjoying an abundance of seafood to enhance our health and quality of life we need to protect the wolds´ seafood supply as a vital natural resource. 澳門罐頭鮑魚 We as consumers, along with the industry of commercial fisheries, benefit from a planned, well executed effort to ensure optimum conditions for sustainable seafood.

What is sustainability? For fisheries, sustainability means that fisheries can exist for the long-term without compromising the surrounding ecosystem. Protecting the ecosystem where a natural resource (in this case, the natural resource is seafood) continues to renew itself, quite simply thriving in its natural environment, is as good for the planet as it is for business. Consumers also stand to gain a great deal because they can be assured a steady supply, now and for generations to come, of a highly beneficial product.

In order for sustainable seafood to become the rule and not the exception throughout the world, we need to look to the places where sustainability has been achieved in wild, natural environments. What are these place doing right? How can our choices as consumers help support these fisheries? And, just as importantly, what can other fisheries all over the world learn from those who are leading the way in creating adequate conditions for sustainable seafood.

Alaskan seafood is the perfect example of a natural resource of the highest quality which is thriving in a wild sustainable environment. The state of Alaska is blessed with a pristine natural setting and an abundance of natural resources. Alaskan seafood is superior in its culinary characteristics, unbeatable in its nutritional values, and as abundant as it is varied. The people of Alaska are well aware that their native seafood is one of the greatest culinary treasures of the world.

For this reason the state of Alaska has seen to it that science, government and commercial interests work together to ensure the continuation of sustainable seafood now and for generations to come. The state has made it a priority to protect the future of fish stocks which provide the environmental opportunities for commercial harvesting. Their approach is precautionary. Priorities are simple: the needs of the stock come first and foremost. Practices and regulations are never set in stone; instead they are constantly being improved as new scientific knowledge becomes available.

It is notable that no species of Alaskan seafood has ever been listed as endangered by the Endangered Species Act. Protecting endangered species or, better yet, not endangering species in the first place is essential for sustainable seafood to become an international norm.

When it comes to seafood, Alaska sets the standard for precautionary resource management. Consumers are well advised to opt for Alaskan seafood when deciding what they want to serve their families. Sometimes our most personal choices can have the greatest impact on the state of our planet. We can only hope that fisheries throughout the world will become interested in following the lead of Alaskan fisheries.

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