Singapore – The Best Holiday Destination in South East Asia

South East Asia is vibrant and colorful and Singapore is one of the best places here. This is the only city state in South East Asia which was founded as a British trading colony in 1819. But today this small city is one of the world’s most prosperous countries and has the busiest 4 d singapore port in the world. People from across the globe look for Singapore packages and budget packages for Singapore and plan their Singapore holiday. Holiday here means spending a great time with your family and friends.

Why to go on a Singapore holiday?

Every year thousands of people plan for Singapore holidays to see and experience this legendary hi-tech Asian city. This is a city where a unique combination of modernity and traditional elements share the same place. While the skyscrapers and subways depict the image of a modern and affluent city, the age old temples, influences of the Chinese, Indian and Malay culture and various traditions make Singapore a very country. With year around tropical climate, mouth watering tasty food, good shopping options and a vibrant nightlife scene, make this Garden City a great holiday destination. Due to the popularity of Singapore destination, the market is flooded with holiday packages to Singapore and even budget Singapore packages.

When to plan for a holiday here?

Singapore is a year around holiday destination. Being near the equator, the weather of here is hot and humid all year round with brief rain showers nearly every day. Also holiday packages to Singapore are easily available year around. But if you actually want to feel the culture and tradition of this vibrant city plan it during some cultural festivals. Chinese New Year parades take place in February while the Hindu Festival of Lights is celebrated in the month of November. During this time planning a Singapore holiday is a better idea. Also remember the fact getting best deals on Singapore packages at this time can be difficult. Hence, plan your holiday in advance.

Who can go for a holiday here?

Singapore holiday is for all groups and interests. Anyone who wants a holiday in a bustling city will enjoy vacationing in Singapore. Also a Singapore holiday is simply appealing for serious shoppers, with its magnificent malls and competitive prices. This city will delight one who loves to taste mouth watering delicacies. Family, single travelers, groups of friends and anyone looking forward to an exciting holiday can plan for Singapore holiday. Life in Singapore is always vibrant and as it is a hub of tourism no one will feel bore here. Places of worship, monuments, shopping destinations, casinos form the main parts of almost all the tour packages to Singapore.

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