Why it is Not a Good Idea to Let Your Cousin Design Your Website

Have you heard that when consumers are contemplating cutting back on their monthly expenses, they will opt to turn off their cable and satellite before turning off their internet access? It’s a fact, the internet has become an integral part of our life, and one that consumers rely on more and more to choose where they spend their money.

I don’t know about you, but before my family goes out to eat, we check out the local coupons online. We do a little research on who has what and where we save a few dollars is where we invariably wind up. We’re not the only ones, either. I figure that if we can save enough on four meals we can afford to go out a fifth time–something that we wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.

Consumers need to be reminded, too, that your store is where they should be shopping. They may have patronized your business every week for a month, but then they forget. A little prodding pays off big time! Do your customers really mind receiving emails from you? Not if they are relevant and have valuable content.

The truth is, more and more business owners are putting their advertising dollars into internet marketing, and it makes a lot of sense. The ways in which you can use the internet to generate interest for your business are only as limited as your imagination. Implementing, them-however-is what can be challenging.

It all starts with a good website. And here is where I get a little annoyed at hearing, “well, my cousin Vinnie is working on my website”. Three months later, the holiday rush is over, and Vinnie is still working on the website. When your timing is off, you can’t seize the opportunity! The worst marketing calendars thing is that it doesn’t have to take months and months to get a good website up and running! Even if Vinnie finishes the website, does he know how to get it positioned so your potential customers can find you? 10,234 visitors after forty-eight months is not a good number of hits. If that’s the best Vinnie can do, it’s time to look for a real professional!

There are tons of search engine optimization programs out there. They submit to bunches of search engines for a fee-once, twice, maybe three times a year. Whether you get the placement you’re hoping for depends on content, keywords and metatags, leaving a lot of business owners with little to show for their expenditure and feeling at the mercy of their webmaster. Speaking of that oh so powerful webmaster, website developer, or whatever the newest terminology happens to be… what business owner hasn’t felt the pangs of being held hostage of the webmaster’s schedule! When you need to implement your latest marketing idea, NOW is when it needs to happen, not when the webmaster can squeeze you in. Taking back the power is really the only way to approach modern website management.

It is possible, too, to have a top-notch website designed and then have total control to make changes when you want and as frequently as you want. You don’t have to compromise by purchasing a cheap low-end internet solution where you spend long nights pecking your way through impossibly complicated instructions to build an amateurish site.

Things have changed. In the old days, as a designer I had no choice but to charge my clients an arm and a leg to build a website that they couldn’t make changes to themselves. Now I can offer affordable turn-key websites incorporating all the modern technology they need to run an efficient ship and develop cutting-edge marketing strategies to increase their business-all at an affordable price. E-commerce? No problem, no extra charge. Change keywords? Do it yourself. You don’t know Frontpage? If you can use Word, you can use this program. So business owners of today-take back your power! Fire cousin Vinnie, call a reputable website development company that can position you where you need to be and use the internet to its fullest-because if you don’t you’ll just be watching everyone else who does and being left out in the cold is a lonely place to be.

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