Is Computer Based Training to Replace the University?

This question has been pondered over for the last ten years, since computer based training arrived on the scene. The conclusion so far is that they both have their place and are useful to further your career, however, with University numbers dropping due to the recession and the validity of a degree purely by itself decreasing, the question arises again: will the cheaper computer based certification replace University for some people?

Computer based training, which can lead to certification, has been for many over the years a savior. It has helped those who have had difficulty in attending classes for a certification or degree, for reasons of travel and disability, actually gain the training they need in order to improve their prospects or change career entirely. Now it is also been used by those learners who simply don’t have the time to attend classes due to family and work commitments. It is overall, a convenient way of learning

Since the hit of the recession, the Universities have begun to feel the brunt of it. Even though the applications to University have surged, there has been an expected loss of over 50,000 university places, meaning many have lost out of their University education this time around. Computer based training, on the other hand, has been on the up rise for the last year due to it being the most economic way of gaining training.

Microsoft saw this year sales increase and extend its certifications to the Open University as have many other certifiers have done. As there is less money around to train and job competition is on the up rise, it makes sense to turn towards computer based training to provide high quality training without the cost of an arm and a leg.

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