A Brief Guide to Galvanized Roofing Sheeting


After cold process, galvanized roofing sheet has great advantages of durable light weight, attractive look and high performance, making it ideal for constructing new roof and wall panel on commercial buildings. It has higher performance, long service life, greater corrosion resistance, greater longevity than treated wood material, prefinished galvanized steel sheet is extremely popular and is made using special colors and shapes for a variety of building construction needs. These are made after intense research and development to meet the most demanding needs of industrial buildings.

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Galvanized roofing is a metal roofing that is coated with a protective coat of zinc or with other metallic solution to resist rust, corrosion and galvanic treatment mai ton dep. There are various types of these roofing products available such as hot dip galvanized steel, galvanized polyester, hot dip galvanized steel, galvanized asphalt, prefinished galvanized steel, coated steel and colored coating. Hot dip galvanized steel has a higher melting point than hot dip galvanized steel and aluminum, this coated steel product is more durable and light weight than treated steel, this type of coating is preferred for economical use. Polyester is similar to galvanized sheet metal, it too is galvanized but it undergoes a heat treatment for a shiny finish. It is light weight than galvanized steel and aluminum and its natural aging process makes it suitable for use in many applications including residential buildings.

Hot dip galvanized steel is made of galvanized steel sheets having the core comprised of an electrochemical reaction and the outer coating is made of corrugated zinc. Corrugated zinc covers the entire length of the flat galvanized steel sheet providing excellent corrosion protection, it is low maintenance and fire resistant. These corrugated sheets are commonly used for roofing and roof constructions.

Hot dip galvanized steel sheet is another variety which includes a zinc electrochemical bath during the hot dip process. The zinc coating on the sheet is cured with oxygen before the coating is applied over the flat steel corrugated galvanized steel sheet. This preparation provides long lasting protection and flexibility. However, the coating does not protect against weathering as well as other sheet metals.

For commercial buildings and structures coated with full hard corrugated sheet, the company ensures that all of its coatings meet the highest quality standards. These coatings are made using a formulation of additives to provide better resistance to weathering. The use of 0.2 mm zinc provides excellent protection against moisture, termites, extreme temperature and rain, the coating is able to withstand high temperatures and it has a non-corrosive property which ensures long term durability.

There are several different companies providing prefabricated corrugated sheet steel roofing. It is advisable to choose a reputable company for installation and maintenance. Prefabricated steel roofing can be shipped to your premises in an environmentally friendly and controlled manner. These products are easily assembled without the need for special skills or experience. Roofing material suppliers will be able to provide you with expert installation and maintenance services that you cannot get from any other source.

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