Four Reasons That Customized Memory Sticks Make an Ideal Advertising Gift

The development of the portable USB memory stick (also known as flash drives) have made it possible to store anywhere from 512 MB to 8 GB of data and transfer it from one computer or device to another easily. Since its invention in the late 1990’s, the USB memory stick has become almost as common as the computer itself. They’re used by people of all ages, from students to business executives to kids playing computer games. No wonder they’re becoming one of the trendiest and fastest-growing types of promotional gifts today.

Customized memory sticks make ideal promotional gifts for four major reasons:

1) They’re portable: They were designed to be small so that files could be transferred from one computer to another simply and quickly. However, their compact size also makes them 環保吸管 perfect for advertising purposes.

They are easy to store because they take up very little space. It’s easy to keep a handful of them in your pocket or brief case for those chance, spur-of-the-moment encounters that may turn into advertising opportunities. In fact, you can fit a few dozen of them in a drawer, box or bowl beside your cash register or stash them under a display table at a trade show for convenient giving with the opportunity presents itself.

2) They’re unisex: Not every advertising gift is suitable for both men and women. Customized memory sticks are. In fact, they are used in about equal numbers by both males and females. You can rest assured knowing that your promo will be enthusiastically received no matter who you pass it on to.

3) They’re practical and guaranteed to be used: Some promotional gifts get tossed into a drawer or other forgotten place and never again see the light of day. A promotional USB memory stick, on the other hand, is something that is very likely to be used by its receiver. The more an advertising gift gets used, the more exposure your name will get.

4) They’re inexpensive: Flash drives imprinted with the name of your business or organization start as low as five dollars each in many cases (including printing). More importantly, though, they are cost effective, even when you purchase a higher-end customized memory stick. This is because they tend to get used more often than many other popular promotional gifts. They’re well-worth whatever money you are able to invest in them.

It’s estimated that over half of computer owners/users also own or regularly use a flash drive. With millions of computer users in the world, there are a lot of potential receivers for such a practical advertising gift.

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