Master The 4 Power Primer Positions to Hit the Golf Ball Squarely Every Time


After a recent range session with Mike, one of the guys we’ve been working with to get more power and accuracy out of his golf swing. I was struggling with how to get Mike to bring the golf club back to the ball in a Square position. His swing was pretty good overall but he led with his hands more in a “Flat”position so the club was wide open as it approached the ball. This is a very common swing fault caused by many years of playing baseball, softball and Other “swinging” sports.

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I decided to have Mike study the swing of one of the masters of golf, who to this day has one of the most fundamentally solid swings of all time. Then we to put together a swing drill program for Mike that would help him to feel the 4 absolutely critical Power Primer positions the club should be in when he is making his golf swing 최상위파워볼.

Power primer #1- Use a one piece take away. Just what is a one piece take away anyway? A one piece take away is when you turn your body not just your arms. A good one piece take away primes your power engine and puts you in a good position to bring the club squarely straight up to the top. Once you complete your take away, this will be position #1, club still square to the line arms extended And the club is still inside the triangle of your arms & torso

Power Primer #2- Drop the club into the “Slot”

Being in the correct position at the top you will be able to “Drop” the club into the slot as you begin down swing. This is the position that puzzles most players, The “Slot” what does that mean? Where is this slot? What does it feel like to be in the “Slot”? The “Slot” is the area that the club will travel through when it’s on plane and in sync with the turning of your body.

Power primer #3- return the club Square to the golf ball- Now that you’re in a good spot at the top of your swing, delivering the club square to the ball will maximize the stored power and leverage in the club.

Power primer #4 -the full release of the golf club through the hitting zone- Golf is a “Wrist” game, if you’re not using your wrists properly you’re losing a ton of power. While there is a lot more to mastering the game of golf, hitting the ball squarely on the sweet spot with every swing will help you to hit more fairways, more greens in regulation and to shoot the very best scores of your life. Focus on these 4 Power Primers to unlock the hidden power in your golf swing.

Golf is a timeless game, but today the average players score is no better then is was 20 years ago. Ever wonder why?

Most recreational players never master this one simple old school power move that is CRITICAL to making sound contact with the golf ball, hitting longer, more accurate shots and shooting very good scores.

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