Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags – The Only Solution

For those of us who own dogs, especially those city dwellers, there is a common problem that we all face on a daily basis. Dog waste removal is not only a requirement of responsible pet ownership, but in many cities it is the law.

The idea of putting something that is 100% biodegradable into plastic bags seems less than earth friendly. Some plastic bags can take up to 100 years to degrade, this is not a solution

Obviously the best solution is to take the waste and flush it down the toilet, but modern living often doesn’t allow us that luxury. There is no reason to put naturally biodegradable waste into our already overfull landfills. The solution is biodegradable dog waste bags.

The green movement has finally gotten around to bowel movements and now green manufacturers are creating completely biodegradable bags that look, feel and work like traditional plastic. These bags contain no polyethylene, the common ingredient in real plastic bags Pet Waste Removal Michigan.

Rather than making bags out of almost non-degradable polyethylene, green innovators are creating biodegradable dog waste bags out of corn starch. These new bags solve the recycling problem of traditional plastic bags and offer new options as well.

Dog owners now have the several choices for waste disposal. The waste and the bag can now be used on your backyard compost pile where both items will decompose naturally. It can be buried where both the bag and the waste will be eaten by microorganisms.

The waste can also be left for curbside pickup if your community has such an option, many do and more are providing the option to their residents. If yours doesn’t yet, call your local government official and ask when curbside composting pickup might be available.

The best biodegradable dog waste bags are made of GMO free corn, which means that there were no genetically modified organisms used in the production of the bags. GMO free also means that you can use the waste as part of your compost for any organic agriculture or gardening.

Dog ownership includes many joys, the least of which is waste disposal. As a responsible dog owner and citizen, it is important to make the right choice for your pet and the planet. Biodegradable dog waste bags return to the earth as quickly as food scraps and leave no harmful residue. They offer a variety of choices for disposal and leave both you and your dog with the feeling of a job well done.

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