What Do You Need For Marine Survival Gear?

Are you contemplating going out for a long expedition by sea? It’s good to know that you’re not scared of any Loch Ness Monster, Bermuda Triangle or Moby Dick out there. Still, it’s better to be cautious than just plain stupid. Before you head out, there are some items that you should take with you and hold onto dearly, as these are the items that could easily save your life. This is what you call marine survival gear.

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First and foremost you need a life vest. Even if you can swim you want to take one of these vests just in case you have to help somebody else out. Some vests can actually store items in the pockets, so not only are they safe to wear, but they also might be convenient for storage. You should also bring along a survival case, and hopefully one that can float in the water and that is waterproof.

That are some other items that you may need for marine survival gear? You can carry along signal mirrors, a fire starter kit, or well-protected matches. An emergency whistle might be necessary to get someone’s attention, whether that of your own crew or to another vessel prepper supplies. It’s always a good idea to bring sharp objects alone in case you need to cut your way to safety or alter the shape of an object. Knives are a good starting point but you might also want to bring a saw for more focused wood cutting. You should also bring a knife sharpener and a few razor blades. Don’t underestimate the importance of basic tools like screw drivers, needle nose pliers and hammers.

Other items of importance for marine survival gear may include a poncho to protect you from water and rain and also a change of clothes. Some mariners recommend taking along a hat with a neck flap as well as sunscreen and UV-protected sun glasses. Remember that anything you bring onboard, even sunscreen, should be waterproof or at the very least, weather resistant. Other frequently mentioned items for marine survival gear include lip balm (to protect you from all that salty air) as well as insect repellent.

There’s no question that it gets cold out at night on the ocean or river, so bring along warm clothing (that’s still waterproof) as well as an extra blanket. If you intend to write then you might want to bring a waterproof notebook. In case you’re wondering, yes, there are waterproof computers and waterproof supplies. You don’t have to live without modern technology aboard a boat-you just have buy a quality brand that offers full protection against the elements. Other electronic items you could consider for marine survival gear might include marine stereos, marine radars and marine GPS systems.

The more electronic devices you have the more batteries and battery backups you will need. After all, once you run out of batteries your time is up…and if that means your GPS system is out then you are lost at sea! Also remember to bring a couple of flashlights so you can find your way around at night.

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