Mosaic Walkways

Walking up to your house doesn’t have to be boring. While many homes have a simple concrete slab walkway, you can spruce up your entrance with a mosaic pattern. Add a bit of color and character to your yard with a nice mosaic walkway.

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Walkways are generally seen as a functional means to an end. It gets you from the driveway to the front door, with little thought placed into it, but your walkway, no matter if it’s in your front yard or back, doesn’t have to be a simple concrete slab to get you from point A to point B. Instead you can have a lovely walkway that warmly greets your guests as they arrive at your house.

One of the best ways to resurrect your walkway is to create a mosaic design with found items, such as bulk material found at a granite or tile store. Many tile companies and home improvement shops will have odds and ends, or bulk material, sitting around taking up space and the store managers happily sell them at a discounted price, in an effort to move them off the floor. These odd pieces are generally leftovers from bigger pieces of granite or tile, which, due to their odd shapes, cannot be used. However, for a clever consumer, they can be the perfect fit for a walkway.

Consider purchasing several different pieces, colors and textures of bulk material to complete your new look. Be sure to have your measurements handy so you know just how much material to get. If you want an even look, you may need to get a wet saw to cut the pieces evenly, which most home improvement stores will have for rent. However, an uneven walkway of different sizes and shapes of tile can be an interesting addition too. It’s up to you how you want the walkway to look.


Depending on your current exterior look, your walkway should try to compliment the overall design. You don’t want a walkway that detracts from your home. It should be visually appealing, and it can be, because of the multitude of materials available. If you have a more rustic design, you can create a pebble walkway to give it a more country feel, and line the path with rock lights to give it an added dimension. If you have a more suburban home, why not try a true tile front? Many tiles can be used outdoors, just make sure you get one with some texture to it, so it doesn’t become slippery in rain. With tiles, you can create an intricate design or pattern from the different colors available. Granite is another great material to use! More suburban areas are utilizing granite and marble to add a more contemporary feel to their homes, and so can you. You can easily create a granite patchwork mosaic design with remnants, which will not only make your design affordable but green too!

No matter the design, bulk stores can help you find the perfect material for your job. With a little creativity and a big bucket of grout and mortar, you can create a unique look to your front or back yard.

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