The Reign of Khufu and the Great Pyramid Legacy Part 3 – A Divine Origin

The basic idea behind the accepted symbolism of the Pyramid’s capstone on Pyramidion, and later that of the obelisks, is correct in its application to the Sun, for in actuality it pertains to the literal Sun in the scientific revelation of the Great Pyramid and to the symbolic Sun, “the Sun of Righteousness”, Jesus Christ, in its spiritual application. This Pyramidal crowning stone was known as the benben, embodying the root bu, wbn meaning “to shine”, referring to the shining of the Sun. Inasmuch as the corner edges (arrises) of the Pyramid itself constituted but the extension of those of the capstone in the same alignment, the sloping sides of the Pyramid came to be looked upon as representing the slanting rays of the Sun.

In reply to the question, “What did the true Pyramid represent?” Dr. I.E.S Edwards of the British Museum says: “Only one answer suggests itself: the rays of the Sun shining down on Earth. A remarkable spectacle may sometimes be seen in the late afternoon of a cloudy winter day at Giza. When capstone project writing service standing on the road to Saqqara and gazing westwards at the Pyramid Plateau, it is possible to see the Sun’s rays striking downwards through a gab in the clouds at about the same angle as the slope of the Great Pyramid. The impression made on the mind by the scene is that the immaterial prototype and the material replica are here ranged side by side.” To this is added the footnote: “These great triangles forming the sides of the Pyramid seem to fall from the sky like beams of the Sun when it is dusk, though veiled by storm, pierces the clouds and lets down to Earth a ladder of rays. The Pyramid in Egypt was a symbol of the radiating Sun.”

How true this is from the view of spiritual symbolism also, for when Christ the “Sun of Righteousness” is exalted on high the great antitypical Top-Stone, He will radiate His great power and love down upon the Earth until the whole World is filled with His glory and brought into complete alignment with Him.

As the plans for the Great Pyramid were in existence before any Pyramid was built and as the Pyramids constructed prior to the Great Pyramid were but practice work in preparation for the erection of the Great Pyramid, while those built after the Great Pyramid were copies of it so far as the exterior form is concerned, it will be realised that the Pyramid figure, as a monument, was of Divine origin and design, and appropriately symbolises Divinity. The Top-Stone, symbolic of the Divine Christ, is the model with which the whole mighty structure beneath must be in alignment and conformity as will ultimately be the case both literally and symbolically in God’s appointed time, when His will is done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Hence also the correspondence between the Great Pyramid and the universe. Even apart from the religious concept, architects have observed the masonic symbolic connection between the Great Pyramid and the cosmos. Professor Giedion shows an illustration by Karl R. Lepsius featuring the cosmic unity between Pyramid, sky and limitless desert. On the architectural significance of the Pyramid, Professor S. Giedion, Architect and Historian of Architecture, in his work The Beginnings of Architecture, states: “The first architectonic space conception is an architecture of volumes in space”. He writes concerning the great triangular sides of the Pyramid: “Their huge immaculate surfaces formed a mirror for the ceaselessly changing atmosphere… They reflected all that passes between earth and sky – all the infinite, delecate changes of the moving hours. They gather the light even today, though their survaces are now rough and granular. They play of ever-changing light imbues them with eternal motion. Their colour and form passes through every phase: almost complete dematerialisation in the midday glare, enormous weightiness in the evening shadows, a black triangular plane soaring vertically upward in the starlight night. The interplay betweeen Pyramid and cosmos is made clear beyond question by the great precision with which each is oriented to the four cardinal points is the most complete expression of the interconnection of cosmic and human: of eteral presence and temporal change.”

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