Choosing The Best Fake Tan Lotions – Avoid The Orange Hue!

The best fake tan lotions are those that suit your skin. If you go wrong in this, you might not get a tan, but end up with a burn or rash. So, you need to read this before hitting the store to order a tan bottle. Moreover, certain skin types are such that they do not get tanned no matter how many hours you remain in the sun. You may get a burn, but no tan. For such skin, the best self tanner is the lotion.

Choosing The Best Self Tanning Lotion

Tan lotions are classified into five groups, starting from the lightest skin to the darkest one. You need to pick the right shade and tone of the lotion that compliments the tone of your skin. If you’re fair skinned, a dark tan lotion would do you no good. You might end up with an orange skin IDTop!

For outdoor use, you must pick a lotion that shields from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. You may even get sunless tan creams with special formulations to protect your skin from sun damage. There are also lotions having skin peeling feature. You can order an airbrush suntan or whatever, but the important thing is that the product must give you the desired tan that looks natural.

Working Of The Best Fake Tan Lotions

Tanning lotions work by producing a chemical reaction at the surface of your skin. Sounds scary? It’s absolutely not! Usually, the products contain dihydroxyacetone as their key ingredient. This reacts with the amino acids in the epidermal layer of your skin and renders you the sexy bronze look. The look lasts as long as the cells at the top layer remain on the surface. These are dead cells and when they shed, you need to reapply the airbrush fake tan or lotion.

Applying The Best Fake Tan Lotions

If your skin is rough or dirty, even the best self tanning product fails. For the best results, you need to carry out cleansing and moisturizing routine for at least seven days before you begin to self tan. On the day of applying the lotion, exfoliate and moisturize your skin thoroughly. Fresh skin absorbs lotions better. Let the moisturizer get completely absorbed in your skin, which might take a few hours. After that, apply the tanning lotion. The best time to self tan is before hitting the bed. The product gets the whole night to work on your skin. When you wake up the next morning, you have a new look!

You need to be more careful when applying the best fake ones on your elbows and knees, which usually feature rougher skin. Exfoliate these areas properly before tanning. Moreover, your palms, soles, area behind the ears, and spaces between your toes and fingers need no tanning. Avoid applying the lotion in these areas.

Remember; NEVER apply the best fake tan lotions right after a shower. Bathing products are alkaline in nature. When you come out of a bath, your skin’s pH changes because of the soap or body wash you use. This may react with the ingredients of the tanning lotion, giving it an unpleasant orange hue.

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