Best Time to Visit Vietnam


If you’re planning to visit Vietnam, read on before heading out. Vietnam is a Southeast Asian nation known for its beautiful beaches, rivers, lively cities and stunningly beautiful pagodas. Hanoi, capital of Vietnam, pays homage to its famous revolutionary leader, Ho Chi Minh, through a massive granite statue of his likeness. Ho Chi Minh City (once known as Saigon) also has historic French colonial ruins, plus the Củ Chi Trung tunnels, used by Vietnamese War fighters during the 1950s.

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Hanoi’s nightlife is legendary, with bars, nightclubs and restaurants all lined up along virtually every street in Ho Chi Minh City. To get a taste of the city’s nightlife, check out Trung Nguyen International Airport’s wide array of cafes, restaurants and bars. Be prepared to mix and match, because Vietnamese cuisine is anything but traditional. In addition to Ho Chi Minh’s influence on Vietnam’s culture, many of its street food recipes are based on dishes he popularized during his time in Vietnam. One of the most famous is Pho, or “potato,” which is made from a dried fruit of the same name that is often served alongside a spicy fish sauce called ban him. If you’re not into fruit, Ho Chi Minh City also has offerings ranging from the ubiquitous pork shoulder that wraps around a bowl of rice to Vietnamese egg rolls prepared with Vietnamese spices and served with Mandarin oranges

If you want to experience the true flavor of Vietnam cuisine, then don’t leave Hanoi. Stop by the Trung Nguyen Vegetarian Restaurant and try their stir-fried vegetarian dishes. For an authentic and satisfying dining experience, avoid the ubiquitous pizza; instead, visit the dumpling house, which may be one of the city’s best meals, depending on your mood. Across the street, you can also try Pho Ngan, or “potato,” which is made from wheat that’s served with Vietnamese spices and served with rice vermicelli. On this stretch of road, you’ll also find La Sua Ngan, which serves both meat and vegetarian dishes.

In terms of nightlife, Vietnam is a traveler’s dream. In addition to Hanoi’s famous bars and nightclubs, there are the innumerable small scale street vendors, many of which are made from wood or metal, which offer one of the best deals in Vietnam. Night markets are particularly abundant at night, and they’re worth checking out. But, don’t let nightlife overwhelm you. While it’s certainly a major component of Vietnam travel guide recommendations, don’t forget to take a day or two to simply enjoy the sights and sounds of Vietnam.

One of the best things about Vietnam is that it can be enjoyed no matter what time of year it is. When it’s raining, you can still enjoy Vietnam’s unique culture and attractions. And even when it’s not raining, you can still get some excellent Vietnam travel experience. The rainy season in Vietnam is typically from November to February, so if you want to visit Hanoi during the best time to visit Vietnam, this is the best time to go. Since the rainy season is typically shorter than the summer, many of the Vietnam attractions and destinations remain open until past April. You can find some incredible discounts on hotel room rates, transportation, and food during the dry months as well.

Your Vietnam travel guide is not complete without mentioning Ho Chi Minh City, which is arguably one of the most famous destinations in Vietnam. It is also one of the most well-known destinations in all of Asia. Many travelers come to Ho Chi Minh City for the historical significance of the city, and there are a number of museums dedicated to Vietnam’s history and culture. While you’re in Ho Chi Minh City, be sure to check out the night markets, where you will find everything from homemade cuisine to knickknacks to electronics. For a great Vietnam travel experience that you’ll never forget, consider taking a day or two off and traveling around Vietnam.

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