The Best Customer Service Ever

I am a huge fan of good customer service and will reward good customer service providers with repeat business and will highly recommend the business to friends and co-workers.These days it seems that many businesses do not focus much on providing a good overall customer service experience. What they may not realize is that for a good experience, I (as an average consumer) might go to their store instead of another for good customer service, even if they are farther away or even more expensive than competitors. Why? I value businesses who value me as a customer.

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The best customer service I ever experienced took place in a restaurant and actually went beyond customer service. It could be better described as human kindness and consideration. On a beautiful October Sunday morning, after attending church, my husband and I decided we would go get a bite to eat. We were living in my hometown of Tucson, Arizona. We went to the Mimi’s Cafe on the corner of Broadway and Kolb. There we sat, my husband, 5 year old daughter, 15 month old son and me. I had ordered a crème (of something) soup for my son and was having to blow on each spoonful to cool it down. I briefly turned to help my daughter with her meal and did not notice my son take the spoon and feed himself a large spoonful of the hot soup. His reaction was immediate. Loud crying, coughing and the look: He was about to vomit

I quickly grabbed him from the high chair and ran to the ladies room knowing it was inevitable. As we entered, it came gushing out. With barely time to get to the sink, it spewed out all over the place – hot soup, crackers and the milk and cereal consumed earlier that day. It was on the sink, on the floor, on my son and on me. Before I could figure out how to proceed, in came our server. She had been friendly, courteous and efficient in her duties prior to this incident. Her duties, I thought, ended at the table. But here she was. She had dashed in behind me and had even recruited another server to help. They cleaned everything up in a matter of minutes. As if performing a meticulously choreographed routine they each did their part, including carefully wiping my soiled dress and boots. They sent us back to the dining area with soda and crackers, in case my son still had an upset stomach.

I walked back to the table in a daze. Though I had thanked them emphatically several times, the words somehow seemed empty. A simple “thank you” was not enough to convey what I really felt. Needless to say, we left a handsome tip and I felt compelled to e-mail the company to express my appreciation and gratitude at the server’s actions to assist me, which clearly went beyond the call of duty. I was notifed that they would notify her manager and pass on the words of praise. Though we now live in the Phoenix area, and have not been back to that particular Mimi’s, I often talk about and will never forget the kindness of the servers and the good judgment of the company that employed them. It seems the company maintains a high standard for customer service, as I cannot say I have ever experienced anything but good service at any of the Mimi’s restaurants. Nothing, of course, like the service I experienced on that one occasion. One thing is certain, it was by far the best customer service I had ever experienced.

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