Travel Guide to Bophut/Ortokpo District in Indonesia

dominoqq uang asli

The story of the Dominoqq Uang Asli (the Wild Cat) tells of the four wives of Kublai, who also served the emperor of Thailand. They were relatives and the women accompanied the emperor on several visits. These included a visit to the captured fort of Mukdahan in the north of Thailand.

The women had come to the capital of Bangkok seeking the fortune that Kublai promised them. But, they found the city lacking in luxury and comfort. In fact, the women did not find it easy to find accommodation anywhere in the city. This is when Kublai instructed his ministers to send a group of workers from the kingdom of Siam to fetch some of the goods required by the kingdom of Bangkok.

The four women who accompanied the expedition were Adeola, Thao Surin, Sukshma and Momo. These women were known for their speed and agility and the four women were given a new name which was “domino uang asli” which means “the four wheels of the carriage of Ada yang dapat”. (In English, this name now carries connotations of four Wheeling caravans.)

On arrival, the workers found two carts with nets and a tent in the shape of a house made of grass where the queen could lay eggs. The women then started travelling around the different cities of Siam in a caravan, which was called secara or caravan dominoqq uang asli. The journey took them through Laos, into central Thailand, along the Ayutthaya River and finally they arrived at the Golden Gate Bridge in Bangkok. At this point the workers were stopped travelling and they were given accommodation in the royal palace secara.

The four women travelled on foot into the jungle to the north. They encountered many challenges on the way and they were overcome by hunger and thirst. However, they were able to make camp in a dry riverbed. From here they trekked further into the jungle to reach their destination. At this point they came across the Andaman Sea, and the Andaman Island of Borneo.

After three days of hard trekking the team came to a place called teknologi where they met a resident named Teodol Udayar. He introduced them to his sister, Udayin. He explained that there was a resident here called Nudima who lived at Tugu Uaga, and that she was the keeper of the roost. The team spent the next two days with Nudima and learned about the Andaman Sea, its flora and fauna and its marine life. At the end of the second day they set off to the town of Bophut which is a twenty-minute ride away from their accommodation in Dominoqq.

On arrival in Bophut the tourists were welcomed by an ambulatory and friendly local guard called Maitreyan. He was very friendly and explained them all about the Andamanese language, culture and traditions. He also showed them the different types of fishes living in the waters of Bophut including the barracuda, white and black snapper and other smaller fish. He then guided the tourists to their hotel, where a meeting with the director of the hotel took place with a brief introduction of the place and the surrounding area.

The next day, the group was scheduled to go to the hamlets of Punakha and Kapikulam to see some fishing nets set up by local traders. They decided to take one of the excursions to the sea around Dominoqq and spend the afternoon visiting the different settlements. After three hours of touring the hamlets and visiting the fishing nets, the tourists were treated to the sight of the black snapper and received a small gift from the residents of the hamlet of Bophut called ‘kerdi kuda’ which means ‘fishes in salt’. The whole experience left the group very satisfied with the relaxed setting of the domino online dengan begitu in Ubud and with much appreciation for the dedicated efforts of the local people.

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