Build a Stone Burial vault Or Rolling Stone Tomb

DESCRIPTION. The upper part of the land features a low-level mound of about 12 m high and 2,500 ha in area and about the same width. It is called as “estone Tomb”. This mound consists of huge individual stone blocks or pieces, with many small holes or caves in them. These have been found in different parts of the country, particularly in North and South America, Egypt, Israel and Russia.

Rounded Tomb. In this type of tomb the construction takes the form of a rounded hill. On the lower side there are gradual slopes in order to create a gentle slope of about three hundred steps. There is no obvious way for water to drain away from the burial place. In some cases, the rounded hill has been decorated with sculptures.

Rolling Stone Tomb. This type of tomb has a very interesting feature. It is formed by the accumulation of numerous individual stones on the surface of the soil, which gradually become rolled away. The rolling action can be seen from the many large stones that are piled up one on top of another, forming a broad border around the tomb. This is a natural way to carry on the family tradition.

Josephine Tombs. This type of tomb is a very popular tourist attraction. At several locations in Egypt, you can see several beautiful examples of this type of tombs, built hundreds of years ago. At the bottom of this group of tombs, you will find the name “Josephine”, indicating that the grave was built for Joseph, a follower of Jesus.

Rolling Stone Caves. There are several examples of these types of tombs. At Qumran, Israel, you will find several chambers constructed in pillars. On the walls of these chambers were large stones, rolled down the hillside. When you approach the bottom of the tunnel, you will see a smooth band of rounded stones, the exact opposite of the rounded edge of the rolled-away stones lang mo da.

A Few notes. Each type of tomb has its own unique characteristic. While the rounded rock of the Josephine tomb may not resemble any of the others, it is still considered to be one of the most famous examples of a family tomb, built centuries ago. If you are planning to build your own tomb, consider building a stone cave instead.

Rolling Stone Caves. As with the other two examples, the basic characteristic of these types of tombs is a large circle of stones surrounding a central area of flat stones. There is no top or bottom of these type of tombs, just smooth stones on a flat area. You will notice that these kinds of tombs vary greatly in appearance. Some have an extremely high quality construction, while others are made of cheap pieces of stone. In order to get the desired look for their tombs, the builders of these types of tombs must take into consideration many things, including the time taken to roll each individual stone and the weather conditions during construction.

As you can see, when it comes to building a tomb, there are plenty of options out there. However, if you are looking for something truly exceptional, then building a stone burial vault or a rolling-stone tomb will give you peace of mind, as well as make you feel special. When it comes to building a family tomb, you can bet that Joseph Smith designed a funeral for his family members and friends.

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